Stauffer Miller

Stauffer Miller

Stauffer Miller was born and raised in West Virginia. After graduating from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1966, he worked as a veterinary pathologist for the next twenty-eight years. 

In 1994 Stauffer and his wife moved from Maryland to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cape Cod at the time had an active and vibrant Civil War Roundtable group which he joined and where he heard many interesting programs and discussions. But none of them dealt with Cape Cod. “What about the local soldiers and sailors who served in the war?” thought Stauffer.

Many hours at the nearby Sturgis Library followed, as Stauffer investigated the topic that had gone undiscussed at the Roundtable. He was surprised to learn that a large number of Cape Cod merchant ship captains and mates received officer commissions in the Union Navy and therein gave valuable service. Eventually he compiled a roster of those men and gathered profuse information about them. It was so much information that he put it all into a book, his first. That book, entitled Hoisting Their Colors: Cape Cod’s Civil War Navy Officers, was published in 2008.

Two years later The History Press in South Carolina asked him to write a general history of Cape Cod and the Civil War, with release date to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the start of the war in 1861. That book came out in 2011 and was entitled Cape Cod and the Civil War: The Raised Right Arm.

While those two books were being written and released, Stauffer and his wife moved again, to Charlottesville, Virginia. It was there that he learned that a nearby library in Pennsylvania held the largest collection of Cape Cod-related Civil War letters, those of Major Charles Chipman of the Sandwich part of Cape Cod. Using those letters as foundation, he has now completed his third book about Cape Cod and the Civil War, this one focusing on Sandwich and entitled Sandwich Soldiers, Sailors, Sons: A Cape Cod Town in the Civil War. Stauffer and his wife currently reside in Winchester, Virginia.