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Cape Cod and the Civil War: The Raised Right Arm

Stauffer Miller’s Cape Cod and the Civil War: The Raised Right Arm is his second Civil War book. His first, Hoisting Their Colors: Cape Cod’s Civil War Navy Officers, examined the naval aspect of Cape Cod and the Civil War. This second book explores a diversity of topics, opening with a discussion of abolition and the politics of pre-Civil War Cape Cod and closing with tables listing Cape Cod’s Civil War soldier deaths.

The book also looks at a seldom discussed but nonetheless important topic, transport ships. Over 115 Cape Cod merchant seamen served as captains and crewmen on these vessels that brought war materiel and fighting men to the war theaters and thereby served a vital role in bringing victory to the Union.

Hoisting Their Colors: Cape Cod's Civil War Navy Officers

The Union Navy’s blockade of the southern coast in the Civil War required many men to serve on the blockading ships. To assist in obtaining the men, Congress passed legislation enabling merchant seamen to apply for temporary officer commissions. Over the course of the war, 1861 to 1865, over 170 Cape Cod merchant ship captains and mates applied for and received these commissions.

Hoisting Their Colors tells the story of these 170 men, not interweaving their stories into one account, but rather recounting each officer’s life and war experiences. These stories are compelling, never-before-told ones that the reader will find highly engaging.